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1. Our clients span various countries, including the UAE, India, Spain, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Malaysia.
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Soybean GMO and NONGMO-Brazil

The soybean stands as an incredibly adaptable legume, finding its utility across a multitude of roles in both human and animal nourishment. It finds purpose not only in human diets but also extends to pet food and livestock feed. Our selection encompasses not only whole soybeans but also an array of soy-based components, spanning identity-preserved, organic, and non-GMO alternatives.

Soybean GMO

Genetically modified soybeans, specifically transgenic soy, rank among the most prevalent genetically altered crops globally. Referred to as Roundup Ready (RR) soybeans, these were created by the biotechnology leader Monsanto and introduced for farming purposes in 1996. This innovation was primarily engineered to render the plant resistant to the effects of the broad-spectrum herbicide Roundup, capable of eliminating non-modified soybeans.

Soybean NON GMO

What are non-GMO soybeans? Non-GMO soybeans are soybeans that haven’t undergone genetic modification and retain their inherent characteristics naturally.

Soybean GMO – Brazil

  • Product Type Soybean GMO Fit for Human Consumption
  • GMO/no: GMO
  • Humidity 13.5% maximum
  • Maximum divisions 20%
  • Shells No shells
  • Min. protein 35%
  • Color max. 2%
  • Oil content 18.5% base, 18.0% minimum
  • Shells No shells
  • Test Weight 54 Pounds/Minimum
  • Total damaged grains 3% Max
  • Foreign Matter 2% Max • Heat damaged 0.5% max.
  • Normal Radiation
  • Mix 0.50%
  • Full rate grains 98%
  • Aflatoxin PPB max:5
  • Grains damaged by heat 0,50 % maximum

Notes No rock, gravel, sand, large pieces of wood or any particle that is harmful to human consumption

Soybean NON GMO – Brazil

  • Particle size: 80-120 meshes
  • Type: fit for human consumption
  • GMO or non-GMO: 100% non-GMO
  • Insect and mould free
  • Style: drying
  • Drying process: AD
  • Shelf life: 2 years
  • Size: 6-9mm UP
  • Color: yellow
  • Protein: 40% min
  • Foreign matters: 2% max
  • Splits: 20% max
  • Heat damage: 0.5% max
  • Total damage: 3% max
  • Oil: 21,3% base, 18,50% min
  • Fumigation: included
  • Grease: max. 2.5%
  • Moisture: 12.5% max
  • Fiber: max. 4,5%
  • Urea activity: 0.02 to 0.20 MGNG min at 30 degrees by EEC methods
  • Reciprocal subsidies: 1:1
  • KOH: min.78%
  • Aflatoxin: Max 0,5 PPB
  • Sand/silica: max.1,5%
  • Arsenic compound: min. 1 ppm
  • Mercuric compound: not found, zero
  • Phosphorus: maximum 0.05 PPM
  • Cyanide: maximum 5 PPM
  • Malathion: maximum 3 PPM parts per million
  • Ethylene Dibromide EDB: less than 10 PPB