IT Project & Program  Management

Our IT project management services provide our clients with an experienced staff to help them achieve their goals. Our management teams are proud of their track record of successfully executing projects across a wide range of industries and locations. To obtain outcomes, you must have access to the necessary resources and technology.

We use PMI-based software and a strategy that is specially designed to your project. We craft our approach based on what works best for our clients while not compromising performance, whether it’s pure Agile, SAFe Agile, Scrum methodologies.

Our Integrated IT & Business Solutions help government and private-sector enterprises link key IT capabilities with business strategy. You will choose the right IT infrastructure and software for your company’s needs.

This is done via the simplifying of business procedures. This entails optimizing the flow of knowledge across multiple IT systems and creating new capabilities to existing systems, thus enhancing the value of your investments. In addition, we will strengthen market procedures, management, and performance.

We also identify and eliminate redundancies, which results in quicker development cycles, less resource usage, and lower maintenance costs. We will do this while improving consistency, simplifying your IT infrastructure, and increasing the efficiency of your IT operating model.

Integrated IT and   Business Solutions

The Capital Planning  and Investment  Control

CPIC is a structured and coordinated federal government-wide approach to managing information technology investments. It is an important portfolio management process for directing investment decisions, assessing the effectiveness of investment processes, and improving investment-related policies and procedures.

When implementing CPIC for our clients, we strive to ensure that all investments align with the agency’s mission and support consumer needs while minimizing risks and maximizing returns over the investment’s lifecycle.

Portfolio management strategies aid in investment prioritization and have a clear business-oriented lens that most executives are familiar with. We assist our investors in achieving compliance with the organization’s agenda by balancing short and long term targets in their investment portfolios.

Accentuate Technology is made up of people who have a wide variety of expertise and skills in the field of information technology. We use our combined skill sets to assist our customers in designing and managing enterprise-wide applications.

Accentuate Technology’s extensive support kit, which spans several different branches, is included with these applications and foundations. We provide packaging, testing, and training support for the program since it is being deployed to workstations in an automated manner. We also support and maintain all of our client’s workstation patching and vulnerability remediation.

End User Technology Support from Accentuate Technology includes testing and training for the software applications we create, resulting in a turnkey solution that maximizes your team’s ability to incorporate new programs into the current IT environment.

End User Technology   Support

Independent  Verification   &  Validation

Accentuate uses robust systems engineering processes and evaluations during the production lifecycle of a product to assess its quality and performance capabilities. We check whether a product and its associated data accurately represent the product description’s scope and specifications. We also test to see if the product works as expected in real-world usage scenarios and if the data it generates is suitable for use in the scenarios we foresee.

We assist our clients by addressing critical questions such as whether the right thing was designed, whether it can be used efficiently, and whether it can be trusted to work in a variety of circumstances and unknowns.

Our team of professionals has the experience needed to iron out the kinks in new software. Contact Accentuate to receive the independent verification and validation you need to launch a top-quality product with confidence.

Accentuate Technology helps both government agencies and private businesses meet the requirements of Section 508. We provide thorough testing and training, enabling our clients to comply with its statutes.

Section 508 is a federal mandate requiring all information technology made available by the government to be accessible by disabled people. This means technology must be equally usable by those with disabilities and those without them.

Accentuate Technology also assists with the preparation of the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT). Our skilled team will ensure that your products and user experiences satisfy Section 508 criteria and that information is communicated to the largest number of visitors possible. In addition, we train our clients in protocols to ensure the system meets long-term compliance goals.

Sec. 508 Compliance