Program and Project Management

“Leap frog” Technology

Biotechnology is a “leap frog” technology. In much the same way that wireless telephony brought communications to communities and regions where copper telephone lines could never have been economically justified, so the Biotechnology Solutions Platform enables the implementation of the IWRM strategy for Renewable Water where it was never before possible or affordable.

Because we are at the leading edge in our field, we know our neighbors; other innovators, thought leaders, technology and solution providers that can add value to programs and projects aimed at rapidly transitioning to the Renewable Water paradigm. We convene and engage expert academics and consultants, EPC companies, and others to provide a holistic skillset for the rapid deployment of a coherent solutions delivery program configured to deliver a pathway to Renewable Water under the mantle of a broader Integrated Water Resource Management strategy.

By crafting high-impact, rapidly implemented programs and projects, and engaging the capacity and capabilities of like-minded organizations and individuals we can accelerate the roll-out of such initiatives.

Policy and Strategy Consulting

Biotechnology Solution and Renewable Water experts

We are regularly engaged to provide advisory and consulting services as Biotechnology Solution and Renewable Water experts in the context of broader water sector policy and strategy assignments.

The Global Water Crisis is accelerating the deterioration of water quality. The causative factors are compounding through feedback and with increasing frequency and severity, tipping points are being reached that Government bodies are not prepared for or able to deal with. The catastrophic culmination of years of progressive degradation of water resources in Florida in 2018 is an example.

Those responsible for policy, legislation, water resource management, and infrastructure are being confronted with phenomena whose behavior is governed by systems theory which is a poorly understood paradigm. This further confounds initiatives to develop effective Integrated Water Resource Management strategies in response to the Global Water Crisis.

Turnkey Solution Providers

Biotechnology Solutions Platform

The Biotechnology Solutions Platform enables innovation in water resource management that ranges from policy and strategy to Renewable Water program and project implementation and effective point solutions and interventions for site-specific projects and outcomes in wastewater or bulk water.

Our partner has the capability, competence, and capacity to take full responsibility for

  • Root cause problem definition

  • Solution scope definition

  • Solution design

  • Project and scope of work definition

  • Project management

  • Solution delivery

We are therefore turnkey solution providers.

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