Today’s businesses are beset by a slew of IT infrastructure requirements. The sheer number of jobs that must be completed is both long and scary. Furthermore, a wide range of branch connectivity requirements, specific application restrictions, hybrid cloud deployment scenarios, software-defined WAN, and work from home (or rather everything from home) scenarios present a number of administrative issues.

Our Infrastructure Management approach at Accentuate is centered on providing maximum value to our clients by utilizing future-proof technologies and solutions with flexible consumption patterns. Our services, which are backed by our creative team of experts, make use of our proven technological accelerators and intellectual property. Accentuate’s products focus on cutting infrastructure costs, enhancing availability, and optimizing infrastructure and automation for both large and small businesses.

We assist organizations create new methods to actualize hybrid private clouds and manage them with features such as automation, unified visibility, and governance for future proofing, based on our extensive experience driving cloud adoption. Our data center services are supplemented by our E2E expertise in managing Campus and Branch networks, as well as our intent-driven approach to future software-defined networks. This allows our data center to manage your whole network, compute, and storage infrastructure, as well as collaboration, with all physical and virtual assets – in other words, bringing all assets under a single pane of glass.