Accentuate offers clients the ability to use real-time analytics to concentrate on their existing security architectures. This enables them to interrupt the identification and remediation cycle and better secure corporate assets.

In the Cyber and Analytics space, we are focused on selling best-of-breed and cutting-edge products. In order to minimise operating costs, we take a different approach by providing customers with Real-Time Situational Awareness, Enterprise Visibility, and Behavior Analytics.
Real-Time Situational Awareness

We bring internal and external threat intelligence data together to provide real-time situational awareness on a global scale.

  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Enables in-depth view of behavioral anomalies on your network.
  • Helps identify and protect against insider threats & dangerous application behaviors.
  • Enterprise Visibility

We provide end-to-end user and application visibility from the firewall to the desktop, allowing you to view who is doing what on your network.