Air travel has evolved beyond transporting people from one place to another. Increasingly, airport passengers want a smooth, delay-free experience that includes dining, shopping, and entertainment. As air travel continues to evolve, how do you offer these experiences in an environment that is safe and secure along with operations that run like clockwork? By unifying security, operations, data and compliance within a comprehensive airport security strategy.

We are the leading provider of airport and airline security solutions for the Aviation industry throughout America. We understand the concerns and unique challenges airports, airlines, and airport authorities of all sizes face. Our dedicated team of aviation vertical market and subject matter experts provide nationwide support and best practices for safety and airport security.

We provide both armed and unarmed services for some of the nation’s top airports and transportation hubs. We can also provide security ID enforcement, credential verification, screening services, traffic control, and parking lot enforcement to ensure safety in and around your facility.

Ensure resilience against physical and cyber threats

As threats to air travel continue to evolve, airport security is constantly challenged in its ability to maintain a safe and secure environment for travel. Being able to manage evolving threats such as cybercrime or drones requires frequent innovations and new technology adoption to ensure high security standards. Having a flexible security system that can adapt to an airport’s changing needs is crucial.

We are also providing marina supervisor’s clients with value-added services, such as vessel inspections, can be a simple service for a marina to implement. The Deep Trekker ROVs can also be equipped with tools to retrieve lost items underwater. Talk to our Industry Specialist today about your specific needs and learn more about:

  • Protecting your port from threats beneath the surface.
  • Inspecting structures and prioritize maintenance.
  • Identify and retrieve lost items and tools.

How resilient is your security system against new threats?