Accentuate Technology is proud to have partnered with to power its INTEGRATED WATER RESOURCE MANAGEMENT initiative.

The major wars of the last half-century were fought over oil supplies, but repeated warnings are made that the major wars of the future will be fought over water supplies.

Conventional Water Resource Management (WRM) practices are based on a Logistics Supply Chain model that delivers more and more water to high consumption urban areas.

After it has been used and processed through wastewater treatment works, this water is discharged as if it were a disposable commodity.

The result is the degradation of water quality downstream in rivers, lakes, dams, and reservoirs through eutrophication. Eutrophication promotes the proliferation of algae and toxic cyanobacteria that contaminate the water so severely that eventually it cannot be processed to provide potable water.

  • What is Integrated Water Resource Management?
  • What is Renewable Water?
  • How do we get to Renewable Water?
  • What does Renewable Water look like?
  • What is the WEB Nexus?

So an abundance of unusable, toxic, contaminated water is mistakenly described as a water “shortage”. A water quality problem is misdiagnosed as a water quantity problem.


Conventional Water Resource Management practices are backing us into a corner as they exhaust water resources upstream and degrade water resources downstream.

It is obvious that Nature’s capacity to cleanse water so that it can be reused has been overwhelmed. Doing more of what we did to create this situation will just make it worse. The only logical and possible resolution of the Global Water Crisis lies in finding ways to support Nature to move into the Renewable Water paradigm.

Unless an Integrated Water Resource Management strategy is developed with Renewable Water as the objective it is not fit for purpose.

Water Resource Management strategy that merely aims to slow down the inevitable is palliative and provides no solution. It is like the captain of the Titanic having plenty of prior warning that he’s going to smash into an iceberg, and just easing back on the throttle a bit but not changing course.

Water resource management professionals must recognize that aquatic environments are dynamic biological systems. This insight and the adoption of Biotechnology Solutions architected upon Systems Theory, provide the only effective platform for Integrated Water Resource Management.

It is only by developing an Integrated Water Resource Management strategy that is focused on managing water quality throughout the Water Cycle to deliver Renewable Water that we can alleviate water “shortages” and obviate the “water wars” that doomsayers are predicting.

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Since 1923, the Rottler name has been synonymous with leading-edge technology. We offer a complete range of machinery for every type of engine builder. Whether you have a custom one-man machine shop, a diesel jobber shop, or a high-volume production remanufacturing facility, Rottler has the right machine to suit your needs. Thanks to the unmatched dedication, diversity and innovative product development, Rottler’s advanced designs, and equipment continue to meet the most demanding engineering needs of engine builders and remanufacturers around the world.


Located in Kent, Washington, U.S.A., Rottler maintains the largest domestic facility 100% dedicated to the automotive aftermarket. Rottler’s manufacturing facility boasts the finest equipment available for maximizing the precision componentry used in our products. Rottler machinery is built to last and assembled by committed professionals. Rottler still services original model boring bars with both trained factory technicians and spare parts. Rottler is dedicated to serving the life of your machine.

Parts & Fixtures Made with Our Own Machines

Many of the processes used in the construction of our equipment are accomplished using Rottler machines. We not only sell them, but we also use them! With our machinery that is capable of making parts and the advanced technology we employ, Rottler can customize tooling and fixtures for odd jobs that competitors must turn away.

Quality Control

Our top-notch in-house Quality Control department assures our customers the highest standard of quality. Having the ability to engineer, manufacture, assemble and stock machinery makes us responsive to the dynamic changes within the industry. You can be sure that your Rottler machine will meet your needs today and tomorrow.

Building Expansion

In 2011 we expanded our facilities with a 20,000 square foot addition to the plant. This extension accommodates the fast growth we are experiencing with new multi-purpose machining centers and also allows us to bring products currently in R&D to market.


Rottler F79A Multi-Purpose Machining Center

The F70 Series machines are primarily designed for both the small to medium size diesel engine rebuilder as well as the performance engine builder. These versatile machines are able to perform common jobs such as boring/sleeving, surfacing (heads and blocks), main and camshaft line boring, and general industrial CNC machining with Rottler CAM software.

We’re the exclusive distributor for all of the Rottler products.

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Mercury Lab

bringing the lab to the sample

A New Generation of Mobile Lab Capabilities

MRIGlobal is excited to announce the introduction of Mercury Lab, a single-person portable laboratory workbench designed for point-of-need operations. With this product launch, MRIGlobal ushers in a new generation of field-forward laboratory capabilities. Samples for advanced molecular diagnostics, biosurveillance, and forensic testing can now be processed on-site without the need for a pallet full of equipment. This logistical streamlining dramatically reduces the time to acquire an actionable result and safeguards the quality of the sample by eliminating the need for extended transport.

Mercury Lab is a single, lockable, grab-and-go case that can be wheeled through an airport and checked as luggage, thrown in the back of a pickup truck, or even strapped to the back of a motorbike. It can be set up on-site in a few minutes, and be packed up just as quickly. It includes power management architecture, cold-chain storage, computational capacity, a stable workbench, biohazard waste disposal strategies, and more. Mercury Lab brings a fully operational laboratory to the sample.

We’re the sole exclusive distributor of Mercury Lab(in Bangladesh) which is the product of MRIGlobal.

To learn about its capabilities and how it can help your organization, please contact us.


Mercury Lab has the following features:

  • An ergonomic, stowable, sterilize-able laboratory workbench with spill-control features and an LED overhead work light
  • Shelf storage for pipettes and laboratory workflow consumables (e.g., pipette tips, ambient reagents, etc.), configured for easy-access while working at the laboratory bench, contained in a removable backpack
  • Integrated computational hardware: Intel NUC8v5PNK w/ 64 GB DDR4 RAM and 2 TB PCI.e M.2 SSD, linked to a Nvidia Quadro P4000 GPU card with 1,792 CUDA cores. Configurable with choice of OS (i.e., Linux or Windows) and comes standard with MRIGlobal’s PanGIA real-time metagenomic taxonomy classification software pre-installed.
    • The computer is controlled via wireless Bluetooth keyboard/mouse and 15.6” HD display monitor mounted above the workbench
    • Custom integrated cooling to prevent computational-induced overheating
  • Optional LTE Mobile Broadband modem (user-supported service contract)
  • Integrated pure-sine-wave AC/DC inverter and hash filtering to allow for safe, effective operation directly from 12V lead-acid car battery (either standalone, or from a running vehicle), or grid-based power when available. Connected to a DPST system shut-down switch. An integrated battery-power monitor advises on an available charge.
  • Two (2) U.S. standard 120V power outlets (or optional 230V E.U. configuration) and two (2) USB 3.0 outlets (power only, in addition to data outlets from NUC)
  • A bracket to house and secure an additional user-selected storage option – choose from; 4 L CREDO cold-chain cube (4*C or -20*C – up to 96 hours of stable, un-powered cold storage), or additional soft-sided, adjustable shelving unit
  • An included wrap-around windscreen to moderately shield exposed workbench sides from wind and other elements
  • Oversized 4” wheels for travel over bumpy city sidewalks and field terrain.