Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions

At Accentuate, our expert team designs and implements Enterprise Infrastructure solutions that are reliable, streamlined and effective. We will proactively configure networks, servers, storage and data centers that perform smoothly and can be readily monitored and analyzed. These services include the following:

Network Engineering: We are experts at IT Network design, engineering, installation, and operations for our customers’ voice, video, and data network infrastructure. We will:

  • Design, install and manage enterprise network services, including Local Area Networks (LAN), Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN)
  • Manage Internet access
  • Manage phone and video teleconferencing backend services
  • Design and oversee the telecommunication and networking infrastructure, including all communications and connectivity to off-site cloud providers

Servers and Storage: Accentuate Technology provides expert, secure server and storage services. We perform the following tasks:

  • Managing data, backups and storage
  • Ensuring smooth operations and maintenance for servers, directories, virtual telework and SharePoint environments
  • Designing, managing and maintaining all on-site computing and storage environments, as well as software-based virtualization technologies

Data Center Services: Data centers are the stronghold of a business’s IT operations, and Accentuate has a proven history of managing them effectively. We do the following:

  • Provide support in data center monitoring tools, procedures, policies, standards, documentation and services
  • Monitor and perform trend analysis on capacity and availability
  • Maintain and design new configurations optimized for the customer’s business and structural needs
  • Meet and handle the demands on IT equipment
  • Manage the enterprise IT infrastructure and data centers

Network Operations Center (NOC) management: We understand the logistics of network operations, and we will work to establish IT reliability, quick and effective problem-solving, and regular reports of performance. We offer the following services:

  • Managing and monitoring of IT and IT facility infrastructure events
  • Coordinating with various teams and offices to resolve technical issues
  • Performing monthly trend analysis of network stability and resiliency
  • Managing the physical access control for all IT equipment
  • Providing access control for all data centers
  • Providing incident management and functional support, as well as coordinating the resolution of IT operations issues

Accentuate Technology will help your organization succeed with the design and integration of enterprise architecture solutions. Whether you operate in the government or in the private sector, our team of experienced professionals will ensure your IT infrastructure functions fluidly and dependably. Additionally, we will analyze trends and performance, proactively identify and correct errors, and oversee processes to catch problems before they arise.