Enterprise Architecture Solutions

An effective enterprise architecture creates a blueprint for businesses to accomplish their goals — and Accentuate Technology is here to guide its development. We help our customers create a strategic IT plan that will transform their business by ensuring that IT solutions are delivered on time, within budget and beyond expectations.

We align these solutions with the required business practices of the Clinger-Cohen Act, as well as both the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and Government Accountability Office policies.

Our services are as follows:

  • Ensuring the business’s IT and strategic enterprise architecture aligns with its core mission
  • Providing clear understanding and communication for how the target technology is structured to meet the customer’s business objectives
  • Designing a single solution to drive the enterprise’s technology, providing a balanced approach to the selection, design, development, deployment and support of its systems and solutions
  • Allowing stakeholders to prioritize and justify technology decisions based on the business’s overarching goals
  • Ensuring that the enterprise architecture leads to consolidating, simplifying, and taking more disciplined approaches to system planning, funding and development
  • Creating a baseline for better risk management
  • Ensuring compliance with all applicable standards and policies

Our enterprise architecture solutions create a strategic roadmap for our customers’ businesses. With it, our clients simplify decision-making, consolidate its resources, manage its risk more effectively, meet standards, and increase transparency and accountability both within the organization and for its stakeholders.