Test Management

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We at Accentuate Technologies believe that an effective test management is a critical part of developing high quality software and hardware products. Through well-planned and well-managed testing processes, teams can ensure that they are producing the best products possible, while making the most of their limited resources. The need to manage increasingly complex software products has resulted in the need for smart test management practices across every project. As complexity increases, and as teams become more widely distributed across different geographical locations, an effective test management process is key to project success.

We at Accentuate Technologies follow an effective test management process which leads to one common goal: to ship high quality products that meet customer needs. To achieve this goal, we ensure that teams work within a proven process framework. Competition among software suppliers to develop the best products in the shortest amount of time is leading to an increasing need for highly developed test management processes. We ensure that test teams work with development teams to ship finished products within tighter deadlines. Our effective test management processes will not only increase customer satisfaction, but will lead to smoother and more consistent projects.

Our test management process is an amalgam of several phases which have been listed below.

Test Management Activities

    • Test Planning
    • Test Authoring
    • Test Execution
    • Test Tracking
    • Test Reporting