Software & Application Performance Testing

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At Accentuate, we have been providing innovative performance testing solutions. The testing practices we deploy to identify the system’s responsiveness and stability under particular workloads are truly class apart from others. We always strive to build high quality performance standards into the implementation, design and architecture of a system.

The methodology followed by our in-house experts match the standards set by technology giants and consists of following activities :

    • Identify the Test Environment
    • Identify Performance Acceptance Criteria.
    • Plan and Design Tests.
    • Configure the Test Environment.
    • Implement the Test Design.
    • Execute the Test.
    • Analyze Results, Tune, and Retest.

We help you ensure the scalability and performance of your applications without letting you spend a lot of money on licensed testing tools. We also help you set sufficiently realistic, goal-oriented performance goals which help you understand, from a business perspective, the need for performance-testing.

At Accentuate, you can choose from following best-in-class performance testing services which will help you measure, validate or verify other quality attributes of your system.

Key Services

      • Load testing
      • Stress testing
      • Soak testing
      • Spike testing
      • Configuration testing
      • Isolation testing