Testing and Quality Assurance has turned out to be all the more difficult and critical..

Testing and Quality Assurance has turned out to be all the more difficult and critical because of globalization of programming advancement, expanding mechanical complexities and consistence and accreditations needs. An inexorably focused business environment requests that associations should be nimble and react rapidly to end-client needs and at the same time control the expense of operations. Numerous phases of the advancement procedures are getting computerized and with the development of cell phones, tablets and new working frameworks, organized testing administrations are completely fundamental.

Why IT shouldn’t be the ‘orphan step-child’ of project management

Last month wasn’t one of Hewlett Packard Co.’s finest. The company is being sued by the state of Michigan, which claimed that the company failed to deliver on a $49 million 2005 contract to update the state government’s IT infrastructure.

Although no judgement has been reached and no blame yet assigned in court, this certainly isn’t the only IT project to run into trouble with a client. IT projects can be difficult to manage, especially at that scale, but even smaller ones can lead to trouble if improperly governed. What makes an effective IT project, and how can project managers avoid disaster?

Chris Ward, a trainer at training firm CBT Nuggets, is in the final throes of launching a new training program for the company focusing on IT service management using the ITIL framework. “In the past, IT was the orphan stepchild when it came to project management,” he said.

One of the biggest problems for IT is that project management methodologies and technology move at different speeds, said Ward, who was handling Y2K remediation projects at the end of the last millennium, and who has authored several books on the topic.

Automic announces continuous testing integration with HP Quality Center

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Automic, the leader in business automation today announced the integration of Automic Release Automation with HP Quality Center. Available immediately from the Automic Marketplace, this plugin enables developers and IT Operations to enhance their end to end deployment pipeline with automated test plans, setting up test beds, and orchestrating functional and load testing.
“We are delighted to be integrating Automic with HP Quality Center,” says Todd DeLaughter, CEO of Automic. “Automated testing ensures higher quality software and protects businesses from the risk of software related outages and service disruptions. As release and deployment cycles accelerate, it’s no surprise that the most dynamic and innovative organizations are integrating the automated deployment and test pipelines.”

As enterprises look to drive digital transformation, the pressure is immense on development teams to deliver high quality innovative applications quickly, and reliably, into production. Testing is a crucial component of the release process and can often feel like a drain on resources and a roadblock to deployment. Automation acts as the glue that ties all stages of the deployment pipeline together in a seamless and efficient process, enabling:

Seamless execution of test plans, to increase efficiency and reduces manual effort.
Automated orchestration of test runs, to increase quality.
Optimized deployment, to ensure transparent, traceable and shareable application packages.
According to Andy Cureton, CEO Forest Technologies, “Automated deployments with automated testing integration is a very common ask from customers today. This new integration from Automic is spot on in terms of what customers need and in how it has been implemented, we love it”

By orchestrating HP Quality Center, Automic manages the testing environment by:

Provisioning application ready infrastructures and setting up test beds (VM’s and container based architectures are supported).
Orchestrating and driving infrastructure as code tools like Chef and Puppet.
Promoting packaged versions across environments, automatically, based on test pass/fail data.
Auditing workflows that are visually monitored and can be controlled (pause, stop, resume) by authorized users.
Enabling teams to safely collaborate across a complex testing matrix.
“Organizations using HP Quality Center already recognize the value of automation and will welcome the integration that has been published on the Automic Marketplace,” said Dr Robin Bloor, Chief Analyst, Bloor Group. “Allowing users to embed quality assurance testing as part of their end-to-end continuous delivery lifecycle will reduce the scope for errors and delays impacting the release of new applications into production environments. At the same time, DevOps teams will benefit from improved visibility as well as increased staff productivity.”

Queensland Police Service’s G20 Project Awarded Top Project Management Honour

The Queensland Police Service has been awarded the top honour in project management, when they collected the 2016 Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) Project of the Year Award at a lavish gala dinner in Hobart this week. The award recognised the outstanding success of the project considering the complexities involved in hosting world leaders, finance ministers and media from around the world.

The award was due compensation for a project that saw the Queensland Police Service laterally expand the boundaries of its culture and traditional project management practice to deliver the safest G20 Summit in history.